Electrokinetics in Micro- and Nano-Fluidics Laboratory 

The Laboratory, headed by Assoc. Prof. Gilad Yossifon, focuses on studying micro- and nano-fluidics which include both fundamental research of transport processes within the nano and micro scale as well as application-oriented studies towards the development of novel micro- and nano-fluidic devices. With the latter we target a number of application areas, involving primarily electrokinetic actuation, such as energy-related (e.g. electro-chemo-mechanical energy-conversion), healthcare (e.g. Lab-on-a-chip, drug delivery) and other (e.g. desalination, nanofluidic electronic circuit equivalents) applications.

Open positions

PhD/MSc students for a NOFAR granted research in collaboration with FLEXTRONICS 

Recent news

21/5/15  Dan Ben-Bassat receives the HP-Indigo prize for graduate students


1/4/15    Our lab receives funding from NOFAR for development of novel micro-flow sensor


1/4/15    Yoav and Alicia receive the RBNI graduate fellowship


1/2/15    Alicia receives the Gutwirth fellowship

Specialized course

Electrokinetics in Nano- and Micro-Fluidics (036076)